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2012-02-11 09:04 pm
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2012-02-04 09:04 pm


[In her human form, A young woman claps her hand together in glee.]

Oh, it is so wonderful that you are pic-er, playing with me once again, miss mun. I am glad to see you've gotten over your fear of playing a new character. Now, you must have that cute surgeon join us~ [She giggles]

My only concern [here she looks a bit distraught] is that Eri will not be with us...I will miss her ever so much...

Would someone like to talk to us so that she may practice with me a bit?
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2002-02-05 02:59 pm


Hey all! This is the HMD for Reimi~ Screened and anoned!
Considering she is a new character and an OC at that, I may need some help. Please don't be too harsh, if you please. Just...say things tactfully, and there won't be any problems. Yes I am kind of a sensitive thing, sorry.
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1999-09-19 09:29 pm
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❀ Pokemon: Bellossom
❀ Type: Grass
❀ Level: 56
❀ Age: 16
❀ Ability: Chlorophyll
❀ Moves: Sunny Day / Solar Beam / Giga Drain / Attract