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Out-of-Character Information
Name: CassaDassa
Are you over 15?: /glugs alcohol
LJ username: [ profile] lil_rebbitzen
Time Zone: EST
AIM: Lilrebbitzen
MSN: Never use it
Tegaki: I can’t draw whoops
Anything Else?: Derp I respectfully request to change roy over to this because I need to beat that game before I get him in :/

In-Character Information
Name : Hanamori Reimi (花守 鈴美) the Bellossom
Game/Series: Pokeymans
Teacher/Student/Other: Student
Canon Point: HG/SS, pre cinnabar explosions
Age: 16
Grade Level/Class Taught/Job: Freshman
Dorm or Living Arrangement: Dorm 


Like her trainer, Reimi desires to be a proper young lady, and, in some ways, succeeds. She is kind to others, extremely loving, and gentle, not desiring conflict. At first glance, she seems very put together and calm, even. She believes in the good in people and Pokémon –and other creatures- and strives to always see the bright side of situations. Close to Erika, she has sworn to do everything she can to protect her, and loves her as a friend and as a mother of sorts. In short, she’s the little cheerleader in her group of friends, spurring them to do their best and supporting them all the way.

On the opposing end, however, she is a bit of a brat at points. This started when she was young, being a bit spoiled as the starter of the Celadon city’s gym leader’s daughter, and her Poisonous side didn’t help. She was a total brat, spoiled and sometimes more than a bit selfish. At this point she wanted to be a Vileplume as well, being the stinkiest, bestest Vileplume like her mother.

And then the worst happened. A trainer came up one day with, of all things, a Charizard, and the thing went feral, shooting flames everywhere. Fearing for her trainer’s life, she jumped in front of the flames when they threatened Erika’s safety, and as she passed through, her petals actually set aflame from the uncontrolled heat, spewing pollen into the air and into Erika’s face, making her quite sick. Despite this, she cradled Reimi in her arms, yelling for the trainer to leave before racing her to the center, in spite of her own well being with the poisonous spores in her system. Those petals took two years to return to their glory, and sudden shock of losing her petals and hurting Erika with her poisonous pollen made Reimi rethink some things. Erika had risked her own health taking her to the center first before getting herself checked…and in her bravado, she had hurt her trainer badly. In truth, she hadn’t hurt her that badly, but she didn’t know this. She only knew that she didn’t want to have a part of herself that could hurt others like that again. She wanted to show the same love Erika had for her back, which admittedly she didn’t. So, from then on she resolved to be more like Erika, and when her petals grew back and Erika decided she was able to evolve now, she took the Sun stone, to become a Bellossom.

But even with that hardship, she’s had to make conscious decisions to change over the last few years, and she isn’t completely there yet. She may be sweet and loving more often, but old habits die hard, and when she thinks someone is being stupid, she might just let them know with a frown and hands on her hips. Deep down she’ll mean well, but she doesn’t realize that it may come across as mean to others. Her prissy nature can get her into trouble at times, and she has to be told when she is being rude, not unlike a young child.
Jealousy, too, can be a bit of a problem from her past. As the first of Erika’s Pokémon, she was used to having the majority of the attention, and while deep down she knows Erika loves her, she’s also used to being that center of attention and likes the spotlight, perhaps a bit too much. It’s yet another thing she needs to work on, and she knows this.

In spite of the jealousy, however, it cannot be said that she truly hates anyone. She might strongly dislike you, but to wish harm upon someone? That isn’t part of her, and she cannot abide it in others, and will try to talk someone out of being very angry about someone else. Nothing is worth the pain, she believes, that harm can bring to others. This even extends to fire types.
Unless you hurt her family. In which case, you can go straight to hell. B| She is extremely loyal to her friends and family, and despite her reservations about real violence, she will defend them to the end. Even if you’re a big fire type, you are going down. Not that she’ll get far in such, but it’s the thought that counts, right?

Despite trying to be calm, she is also very cheerful, and, being young, she can be very excitable, and when she gets like that, it can be tough to calm her down. One thing that excites her is meeting others, and she is a veritable social Butterfree when it comes to such, often walking up to everyone and chatting them up. To her before now, Erika was her role model, but this human world is so very exciting. She can't hang onto the apron strings forever! She’s also a bit of a flirt, though she doesn’t realize it.

However, as a Pokémon turned human that has never been without Erika, she is also naïve, and curious to a fault. While not exactly dumb, she is lacking a bit in the common sense department when it comes to humans and others. To her, this is merely her believing people to be good –except for those smelly Rockets-, but beyond manners and niceties, she isn’t exactly aware of hidden agendas. Sarcasm is lost on her, and she will try desperately to make friends even when someone isn’t being nice; the same can be said with reading others.

On that note, some Pokémon she is fine with, but mostly grass types. This is because of her constant being around them growing up, since Erika’s team is all at least part Grass. Most other types she is alright with, she just can’t read them like other Grass types…the main exception to this? Fire Types. Oh mai gaawwwd fire types, she is scared of them, and fire in general really. This is why she really cannot cook. Salads and sandwiches forever. Have you seen what happens to the grass when fire gets to it? She is scared to death of that happening to her or her family. She already had it happen to her aaaa. Alright, so she won’t die near fire, but she doesn’t like it. And if a charizard gets near her? She will just laugh nervously and politely excuse herself, probably.
This gets into what she fears a little. Fire, of course, but also there is a fear there of being alone. Not the type of alone where no one’s in the immediate vicinity, but the alone where she has lost everyone. Although, being an extrovert, she doesn’t like being alone for long periods, either.

Beyond what she does or doesn’t pick up off of others, she quite possibly wouldn’t recognize a prettied up nefarious plot until it smacked her in the face. She would then be quite confused, and hurt, and. probably run to Erika crying, honestly. Yes she can be a bit of a ‘crybaby’. Her curiosity is also liable to get her into trouble. A big, bright new world has opened to her with the transformation HM, and darn it all if she’s not going to go run off and explore everything she can. She may very well run into the wrong crowd and, assuming the best, be led astray. Eventually she would learn, but it really is a matter of inexperience.

Once upon a time, there was a Gym Leader in the city of Celadon who had precious little girl named Erika, who loved Grass types and flowers like her mom. Said woman had a female Vileplume, and days before the young lady’s 10th birthday, it had an egg, that hatched into a tiny Oddish. That Oddish became Erika’s starter, and, even if Erika came to have a lot more of them, she was the favorite. Not only that, Reimi was an adorable little thing, loving her new ‘mom’ so much and being her best buddy (and boy did she have an attitude to show it). Of course, they set off on their adventure about a month after, which Reimi was more than happy to come along, wanting to see the world and make friends and be the best little starter, and they gained new allies, and destroyed the gym leaders, oh yeah that was super fun. They started with Viridian, defeating the new Leader there handily (That Giovanni kid was a newbie, and too easy), and bebopped around, leaving Celadon for last. Reimi was honestly a bit uneasy about this, as this meant she’d be going against her own mom, but then again that would be so cool to test her strength. Off they went!

After rocking Erika’s mom’s tabi socks off, Erika decided it might be cool to see if they could beat the Elite Four. The Championship wasn’t too interesting to her, she just wanted to know if she could do it, and while they did fairly well, once Agatha was their opponent, it went downhill. They started out pretty well, but sadly, in the end, they were squashed like grapes . But that was cool, so they came back home, and mothers were ultra proud of them. After Erika was gifted a leaf and sun stone from her mother, and many well wishes, they headed off to Johto to train and adventure. No badges, let’s just train to learn and become more awesome. Reimi was more than happy with this, because the starter must be the strongest Pokémon ever. Also fun trips to Sinnoh, more training lala. But when they arrived home a year later, it was train to be the gym leader times. Oh yeaaaaah.

Nothing else big happened for a bit, but when it did happen, it would change Reimi’s life forever. A year or so after becoming a gym leader, a young boy with a rather large ego waltzed in and demanded a battle. Of course, being the gym leader, she had little choice but to accept, and Reimi, not liking the kid’s attitude (“How dare he think he’s better than I!”), and they began the match. The match went smoothly enough, Reimi trouncing the boy’s team and feeling great about herself. Awriiiight this would be a cinch.
And then everything went horribly wrong.

The boy threw his last ball, and out came, of all things, a Charizard popped out of it. Erika wasn’t too sure about this, and neither was Reimi now. The ace up his sleeve was a rarity at this stage of most trainer’s walks, but…maybe they could do this. Yeah, she’d keep it up. She could do this. Except, this Charizard quickly decided it didn’t want to listen to him, and the battle quickly grew out of control. Despite the trainers’ yelling, the Charizard started spewing flames everywhere, and it was coming dangerously close to Erika. Despite the initial pain of the fire, the Gloom loved her trainer, and knew what she had to do. Summoning all her strength when a fireball was coming too close to hurting Erika, Reimi leaped into the attack, blocking it from hitting Erika. Pollen spewed everywhere, the pain was excruciating, and she fell to the floor. The Charizard finally was successively recalled, but the damage was done. Ashes fell from the air, poisonous pollen was everywhere, and Erika raced to her Pokémon’s side, holding her close, the Gloom’s large petals reduced to crumbling ash. They were completely destroyed, and it was not certain if they would even return, or if Reimi would survive. Erika yelled at the trainer, berating him for his gross negligence as she stood, coughing and sneezing violently from the poison in her system now, as the pollen finally stopped emanating from little remained of the flower. The boy ran out at her command, and she raced her beloved Gloom to the Pokémon center’s ICU.

It was a long few days before the Pokémon was well enough to even really move. But that time gave Reimi time to think. Scared she wouldn’t see her beloved trainer again, she realized she hadn’t been the best she could be. She’d been haughty like that boy, a brat. Had she been more calm, more collected, she could have seen that that match had been horribly in the challenger’s favour, that maybe another Pokémon might have been better. She saw Erika’s calm demeanor then, and came to the realization that Erika had risked herself as well to get her here, despite her sickness (It wasn’t as bad as she believed, but she didn’t know this, and still doesn’t.), and decided that she would become like her ‘Eri’, not just her trainer, almost a mother, but a role model. A strong determination grew in her heart, to survive this and to thrive despite it, and to change. But for now she could only lay here, her trainer praying she survived, and wonder what was going to happen next.

Eventually she was released, and what followed next was two grueling years of therapy and Pokémon center visits to make sure she was okay, and many, many talks with her teammates, who encouraged her as she healed and made the changes within to be more like her trainer/mom. It was during this time she decided to give up her Poison typing when she evolved. Although for many years she had envisioned herself becoming a strong Vileplume like her Pokémon mother, she threw that to the wind, deciding a Bellossom’s nature and grass-only nature were better for her to emulate Eri. And emulate Erika she did. She watched Erika being a sweet young lady, calm and gentle, and learned to emulate it herself, playing with the flowers that were used in arrangements, drinking tea as a lady would…she was determined to learn to be a little lady like her trainer. When her petals finally grew back –a bit messed up from the scarring, to be fair-, she came up to Erika, a box in hand. Inside lay the two stones, and, gathering Reimi wanted to evolve now, Erika placed the box open before her. The Gloom gestured to the sun stone, and, Erika, touching it to her, changed into a beautiful Bellossom, with lovely flowers upon her head and gorgeous petals about her waist (for she had been a very stinky Gloom, and the stinkier the gloom, the more beautiful the petals. No one knows why.). She still maintained a reminder in the form of a scar on the back of her head, but that was okay. With the physical transformation complete, she could work harder on the mental one. And work hard she did.

Several years later, Erika decided to take up a position far away, and Reimi decided she would come too, and support her through the whole thing, and for awhile, she was perfectly happy with this. Over time, though, she found herself becoming curious, about these fellows of hers that could morph into human form… what would that be like? Could she do more with Erika, could she learn more? Perhaps so…It couldn’t hurt. So she decided to go try out the HM for transformation. Taking on the name Reimi, she would surprise Erika, and learn more about this great big world, and how to be the best she could be in it.

Anything Else?:
Hasty nature. All the sweets please.
Chlorophyll Ability
Sunny Day / Solar Beam / Giga Drain / Attract
Held item: Soothe Bell, which she keeps on her person as a human in the form of small bells on her flower barrettes.
She loves the colors and designs of tattoos, but doesn’t like how permanent they are. So she’ll have henna on her back a lot of the time.
Her favorite berry? Sitrus, and Pecha.
Wants to learn how to plan an instrument.
Reimi loves the sounds of bells, since that’s what her flowers sound like, and so that’s how she choose the name Reimi, “Beautiful Bell” (鈴美). 

I got everything I could from Bretu, so this is in collaboration with her, and I gathered what info I could on her backstory and trainer times. Ultimately, however, we have chosen to keep some things open for hopeful future applicants.

In-Character 1st person writing sample (journal):

[The feed flips on, and there’s a young woman staring at the computer, fiddling with the keyboard. Geez how does work computer.]

Oh, how do I do this…

[fiddle fiddle. She pokes the camera, and notices the light, and something on the screen.]…Ah!

[She quickly bows, rosy cheeks becoming a much deeper colour]

I am sorry! I am not used to this sort of thing yet… Um, My name is Reimi, and starting today [She grins], I will be attending this academy as a student! Oh goodness, I am ever so excited.

[She claps her little hands together. Well that bashful moment didn’t last. She looks around.]

But…I got put here by a weird giant hand! I don’t know where I am, and I can not find Eri’s room.

[Sad fais]

Could…someone help me find her?

In-Character 3rd person writing post:
Pain screamed through her as the tiny Gloom’s body passed into the flame, blocking her trainer from the flames…and she screamed as well. Or perhaps that was Erika. She couldn’t tell, the pain was so intense.
Collapsing to the gym floor, she struggled to raise herself up. Pure burning sensations coursed through her, and she realized her petals…her beautiful petals. They were burning. She vaguely realized that Erika was picking her up now, cradling her in her arms. Erika was sneezing violently, her eyes watering from the large amount of pollen that had expelled into the air as a defense mechanism. But still she cradled Reimi in her arms, yelling at the trainer to leave…Then that Charizard tried to attack again…

Reimi bolted up in bed, her eyes wide and wet as she panted. It had all been a dream…and thankfully that last part hadn’t happened. But everything before that… She touched the back of her head self consciously, where she could feel where some wounds had never healed, feel the heat of the flames. The very thought of it all caused her to cry quietly, her tiny hands to her face.

But a comforting hand touched her shoulder, and she looked over to see her trainer, a gentle, loving smile on her face, and the bellossom hopped into her arms, sobbing, but also taking in her trainer’s love and support. Eventually, the tears stopped, and she looked up at Erika with love as well. Thank you, Eri, she said, but all that came out was a tiny quiet “Bell, bellossom.” Not long after, she fell asleep nuzzled against the gym leader’s chest, warm and where no harm could take her.


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